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Sitta - Benessere Eco Innovativo

Sitta - Benessere Eco Innovativo: Produttore italiano di truciolo in faggio e abete per lettiere cavalli, segatura per lettiere bovini, tronchetto faggetto ottagonale 'O Sole Mio per Pizzerie Calorsan per riscaldamento e calorpan per panifici. truciolo tronchetto pellet faggio abete italiano riscaldamento pizzerie panifici panetterie lettiere cavalli bovini suini gatti animali domestici


Since 1976 SITTA produces in San Giovanni al Natisone, in the heart of eastern Friuli, wooden chips, sawing, wooden meal, compressed log and pellet earned from recycling of virgin wood manufacturing, debarked and drayed, of high quality.

Everything was born from a simple idea, developed and improved along the years through aimed study, experience and a good part of far-sightedness: recovering of a row material which till then was considered a refuse to be sold off with high costs.

SITTA's founding partners have given back value to those wastes, recovering, selecting and transforming them in high quality beddings for horses and caws. Along the years then, the manufacturing process has evolved up to arrive to more refined and technically advanced products, as pellet, high compressed fire logs for pizzerias and bakery, to products for the industrial purposes and finally as beddings for little animals and pets.

Eco-innovative Wellness

SITTA wants to deliver the his customers his experience on unique products for the food cooking sector, the household heating, the horses and pets keeping. All products are characterized from the responsible utilize of raw materials – beech and fir – resulting from recovering of virgin and desiccated woods.

SITTA aims to become the referring point for the development of innovative products through the research, and so increasing the grade of wellness of the utilizers in a sustainable way.

The evolutions of SITTA is written in the history of his products, among the firsts in manufacturing pellet and the first in proposing an innovative idea as the wooden fire logs for the cooking of the pizzas in the wood ovens.

SITTA is the only company proposing a wooden chip enriched with DEPUrin, for a more sane bedding at longer time. Thanks to an important promotional effort and the participation to exhibitions of the sector, the company has reached an international looking which has also gone over the European borders.

The working process in the company is today completely automatic, to guarantee a constant level of quality as well for the products as for the packaging. The confidence of the customers, presence on the market and continuity in the research are the pillars of the company.