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Sitta - Benessere Eco Innovativo

Sitta - Benessere Eco Innovativo: Produttore italiano di truciolo in faggio e abete per lettiere cavalli, segatura per lettiere bovini, tronchetto faggetto ottagonale 'O Sole Mio per Pizzerie Calorsan per riscaldamento e calorpan per panifici. truciolo tronchetto pellet faggio abete italiano riscaldamento pizzerie panifici panetterie lettiere cavalli bovini suini gatti animali domestici

HORSE KEEPING SITTA represents the innovation in the horse bedding. The with DEPUrin treated bedding has been developed to improve the well-being of the animal, working as health protecting agent on the stabling zone and as coadjutant in the lowering of aggressive substances (ammoniac).

Livestock breeding / Horse keeping

The bedding treated with DEPUrin was developed with the primary aim of bettering the wellness of the animal, acting as sanifyer in the stable staying zone and as assistant in the reducing of aggressive substances (ammonia) to which the horses are particularly sensible. All products of SITTA's range may be treated with DEPUrin.

The wood shaving treated with DEPUrin:

  • It slows the bacterial growth in the first hours after the urination, where we have levels of AW (available water) and humidity extremely high, favourable to the development of the bacteria.
  • It prolongs the life of the bedding and reduces the frequency of cleaning operations.
  • It avoids the formation of gas ammonia, PH < 6 report NH4 + /NH3 to 99.8:0.2
  • It reduces sensibly the disagreeable smell, particularly for the ill animals, under treatment with medicine and in general stress condition.

Under the firsts in producing horse bedding, the firsts in identifying the necessity of offering different kinds of bedding, to satisfy also the most exigent, the firsts making chemical and bacteriological analyses on the row materials to guarantee the health of horse and riders, the firsts in thinking and develop DEPUrin to even increase. An history of continuous bettering and innovation, makes the difference in the beddings of SITTA from those of the competitors. With DEPUrin we achieved to produce beddings which remain more sane, longer and with minor emission of ammonia generated by the urination of the horse.


Wood shaving of beech and fir of high quality

H.B. Depurin

Selected fir wood shaving


Selected fir wood shaving of high quality